Deposits provide

Written by Pamela Heart on March 08, 2016

What accounts and deposits provide the best return?

Find a product with which to achieve profitability for our interesting savings, which is short-term and almost no risk today is being difficult. Must from a reality, and that the profitability of traditional savings products such as deposits and interest-bearing accounts has suffered a precipitous drop in recent years.

Why? The decision of the European Central Bank to lower interest rates to record lows and keep them there for months, has caused entities bowed down compensation products that have traditionally had always followers, especially the most conservative, to levels that few benefits you bring to their owners-a clear example has been the fall in the profitability of the COINC Account, which was launched in 2012 with a return of 4% APR and ends 2015 with 1.10% APR another example, the EVO Smart Bank account, which began in 2012 with a payment in your account within 3% APR and currently 0.50% APR income and a checking account in which today has no direct return, when at launch It offered a 2% APR for balances up to 3,000 euros.

That is why we wonder what possibilities offered by the market for the saver you want to turn a profit without having to be tied to a long-term, with the option of having money without large penalties and practically without assuming risks.

  • Caja Rural Central and payroll Account 6% APR. It has paid where they exist, up to 6% APR for the first year for balances up to 5,000 euros for new customers with higher payroll to 700 euros, with at least two of the following contracted products: debit of at least 3 receipts, purchases by credit card or debit of at least 1,000 euros per year, insurance whose premiums household paid are 200 euros in the last 12 months and / or a pension plan with at least 1,000 euros of contributions in the last year or 500 if the plan already has 5,000 euros of balance.
  • Bankinter and paid account. It offers a return of 5% APR for the first year, after those first 12 months the yield falls to 2% APR. It is a current account paid in which to obtain such returns must meet certain requirements: the incumbent will be new customer, enter each month 1,000 euros net, to charge a receipt a month or three in a quarter at least, and make a purchase a month or three in a quarter with the card associated with the account.
  • Self tank. A three-month deposit Self Bank offers a yield of 3% APR, no minimum and up to 15,000 euros. This is a deposit for new customers who do not have automatic renewal and on which interest is paid at maturity. This deposit opens automatically when you open an account Self.
  • Bank deposit 2.00. It is a deposit that has a duration of 3 months and whose contributions must be from 5,000 euros up to 100,000 euros in return offers a yield of 2% APR. Interest is paid at maturity and these characteristics are for new cash contributions to the entity, ie for new customers. Importantly, this product does not permit or additional contributions nor partial cancellations.
  • 1,2,3 account of Banco Santander. It was the big bet this year the bank presiding Ana Botin and offers remunerate with 3% balances 3,000 to 15,000 euros, 2% for balances between 2,000 and 3,000 euros and 1% for 1000 to 2,000 euros, plus return of the amount of debits (depending on the type of expenditure, from 1% to 3%), a change is needed to fulfill some requirements such as a payroll of 600 euros at least a month, domiciliar 3 different receipts and use cards 6 times.
  • Coinc account. Although as mentioned throughout his life has suffered paths decreases in the interest rate to remunerate, remains one has interesting features for its approach to savings, based on whether individual goals or collective with to save for motif different and fun, besides being paid a 1.10% APR and interest payments month to month is done. It also allows the holder can benefit from up to 4% savings on purchases made at Amazon and other discounts through its Club Savers.
  • Few products really interesting returns without having to establish a link and are almost always deals for new customers and for a certain time because sometimes respond to introductory offers. We must wait to see what happens for next year, or whether savers have to set our sights on more profitable products but in exchange for assuming more risk.