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Written by Joe Smith on January 12, 2015

Seven ways to find the best rates

A certificate of deposit (CD) is a great investment tool to add to your finances. In many ways, a CD works similarly to a savings account so. The investment is guaranteed and in place, so there is no possibility of losing their savings to a stock market crash or recession. Because you agree to leave your money in the CD to a fixed date, banks also typically offer higher interest rates in return. Prepare for your investment with these seven tips that will help you find the best rates.

1. Have a savings plan

Before opening a CD, you should have a savings plan in place. The best CD rates are not necessarily those with the greatest interest, as there are other factors that determine the quality you are getting. You may prefer a CD with a high interest rate, but could also benefit more than one CD that offers flexible terms. With a financial strategy prepared in advance, you can search the CD rates that best suits your financial needs.

2. Make sure you have enough to invest

Many banks offer better rates to customers who invest a lot in advance. When you can contribute a significant deposit to the CD, it is likely to end with a rate higher interest. In addition, you ensure that you have enough money to invest so that you will not have to withdraw their funds before the maturity date. Early withdrawals often carry steep penalties.

3. Determine how long to let your CD matures

In many cases, CDs with the terms of the investment will give higher interest rates. However, it is important to make sure you can afford to be without funds for the period of time before agreeing to the terms. CDs have a wide range of investment terms available, but more mature between three months and five years. Find a time that fits your budget.

4. Find the best rates

Before choosing any single certificate of deposit, be sure to see what other banks are offering. In order to find the best rates, check out deals or special offers for new accounts, as well as incentives for combining investments. Many websites offer CD comparison tools that lets you find the best price for the banks at a time.

5. Report on your CD

Always read the terms of your CD agreement carefully before making your investment. It is important to ensure that you are informed of any penalties or charges that may incur for early withdrawals. They should also be aware of the terms to the maturity date of the CD, as some banks automatically roll the money into another fixed term CD.

6. Consider alternative investments CD

Though traditional CDs are generally regarded as the most stable type, there are other solutions available that are worth looking into. You could benefit from an alternative option, such as a liquid CD, which allows you to withdraw a portion of their savings early without incurring a penalty. Other formats like CDs and CDs up variable rate are also popular choices among some investors.

7. Look for Electronic Transfers

Finally, as the search for the best rates, look for an option that allows you to transfer money electronically. In order to obtain the greatest possible interest, you need to ensure that you will start earning interest as soon as you give your money to the bank. Similarly, when it is time to withdraw money or transfer it to another CD, the best thing you can do transactions online quickly and make the same day are processed.